Benay Celebrates its 27th Year with the Launch of a New Website!

Benay Enterprises, Inc., a Danbury based business management firm, is celebrating its 27th year with the official launch of their newly renovated website.

With a redesigned website, Benay is hoping to bring greater clarity to the range of services they provide as well as to showcase their continually growing client base. President of Benay Enterprises, Dawn Reshen-Doty, says that “the move to a more modern and clean website will ideally show the range of our clients and the range of our services.”

The site will be more user friendly than Benay’s previous website and will feature more infographics and video and graphic presentations. Users will be able to explore the history of Benay, what Benay can do for businesses, testimonials, and even thumb through an archive of past newsletters. Reshen-Doty writes and publishes a biweekly newsletter that features exciting news about clients, and tips for business and professional life. The newsletter is currently distributed to over 1300 individuals in the business community, both domestic and internationally.

In addition to the newsletter, Benay strives to keep a consistent and active social media presence. Benay works hard to maintain connectivity with their clients, advisors, and advisees. Benay’s Twitter handle is @benayinc and their Facebook is www.facebook.com/benayenterprisesinc.

Benay Enterprises, Inc. has been in business for over 27 years and provides full-service business management to companies that want to focus on their core operations rather than administration. It has companies throughout the U.S. as well as in the U.K.

In addition to bookkeeping services, Benay provides financial strategizing and budgeting as well as business development, thereby replacing unessential office functions. A typical client is a business enterprise that wishes to outsource basic administrative and finance tasks, or an international firm that needs a U.S. presence, but prefers not to overburden its organization with non-familiar business regulations. 

If you are interested in outsourcing your back-office functions to a highly reliable and experienced company, visit Benay’s new website at www.benay.com or email them at info@benayei.com


Contact Information:
Benay Enterprises, Inc.
155 Main Street, Suite 211
Danbury, CT 06810
Tel: (203) 744-6010 Fax: (203) 794-0008
Email: info@benayei.com


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